Email sending changes

    from April 16th 2016, all emails will be sent from the EventHQ domain ( Read more about why this decision has been taken and how it might affect you.

    5 Time Savers When Creating Events

    Apps, APIs and web-based applications can be invaluable time savers when you and your event team are feeling pushed to research, organise, promote and host your training event. Here are EventHQ’s Top 5 app & API time savers that we guarantee will free you up and your team.

    Successfully Planning a Training Event

    No one likes being caught out when managing a training event and to help SMEs and not-for-profits organise a successful event we'd like to explain our most useful event management skill, assessment.

    Early Bird Booking – Marketing Tips to Boost Event Attendance

    Enjoy our 7 simple best practice tips to boost attendance and maximise the marketing of early bird registrations at your training event.

    November 2014 online booking system updates

    3D-Secure, mobile-friendly google maps and a new email template. Find out about our latest product updates.

    On conference booking software

    Conference organisers are increasingly using technology to improve the event experience. Find out why you should consider joining them.

    Send bulk emails to attendees with our new MailChimp integration

    Keep attendees up to date with our new Mailchimp integration