“…will save you a lot of work…”

Alison Wylie recommends EventHQ

Alison Wylie
Commercial Development Manager
Aberdeen Sports Village, Aberdeen

“This system has revolutionised the way we deal with bookings and has saved us lots of time and money. The program is really flexible and easy to use and it's made the whole pre-event process much less stressful”

Chloe Uden RegenSW RegenSW

“Using the EventHQ website allows our small team at Potential Plus UK to organise complex events that would otherwise be impossible to run. Before we used EventHQ we only had paper-based registrations. We then had to transfer all the information on to 5 different spreadsheets.

As the events grew, the process became more and more unmanageable - especially trying to organise them alongside our day-to-day tasks. Without EventHQ I truly doubt we would be able to provide the level of service or run the number of events that we do; and these events provide essential support to the families that we work with”

Julie Taplin, Deputy Chief Executive Potential Plus UK Potential Plus UK

“Event HQ's online registration tool has helped us grow online registrations by over 85% in a year. The reduction in administrative overhead has been significant and allows our teams to focus on raising money - rather than processing emails and tracking PayPal receipts.”

Jason Phillips St Lukes Hospice, Plymouth St Lukes Hospice, Plymouth
St Lukes Hospice Plymouth uses EventHQ for online registration