Workshop & training booking - done right

EventHQ reduces your workload for you by handling your online attendee registration and downstream reporting. It means you can keep track of who has attended what, and when - and free up time and headspace to focus on running your training courses and workshops.

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British Cheerleading Association
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Our customers have sold over £8,100,000 of tickets to date. Why not you too?

Everything you need for success

Unique - sell multiple events at once

With EventHQ, your attendees can book and pay for several events in one go - no other event registration software offers this.

Mobile friendly

Your attendees can book places using their smartphone or tablet. With over 50% of traffic now coming from mobile devices, this capability is vital.

Track registrations in real time

Stay organised with real-time reporting and analytics. Watch your ticket and registration sales as they happen, and compare it all against previous events.

Secure for your peace of mind

Focus on the event - not the security. Our event management software is PCI compliant and bank-grade encrypted for all communications, reinforced by automated offsite backups.