Design event pages that look and feel right

Impress your prospects with an appealing website that's easy to use
Now it's easy to design your own event website

Your event website needs to look and feel right to your attendees to convert a prospect into a booking, so we made sure EventHQ helps you deliver on your customers' expectations.  And it's so easy to do, thanks to our simple point and click tools.  So you don't need any IT know-how to build a professional-looking customised microsite.

Go 100% customised for seamless branding

Got an in-house designer with technical knowledge?  Our event software even allows you to upload your own programming code so you can completely re-skin your event microsite to sync with your own brand.  It will look exactly the same as every other customer touch point such as your main website and any other communications.

Mobile friendly

Many of your customers may be working on tablets and smart phones so we've made sure your event website will respond perfectly on any device, maximising your potential for bookings. Research shows that less than half all the traffic on the Internet is on conventional desktops and laptops; today, a responsive website for phones and tablets is vital.

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