Reduced workload

If you don't already use an online event management system then chances are you spend most of your day tackling a mountain of paperwork. From mailed in (and frequently illegible) registration forms needing to be entered onto your spreadsheet to invoices and confirmation letters that need to be sent out, the paperwork seems never ending.

EventHQ automates all these tasks meaning no more boring paperwork which lets you devote time to more important tasks that really make a difference to your attendees.

Reduced costs

If you have employed expensive temporary staff to help with data entry and handling registration queries you can save here too. Some EventHQ clients have reported immediate savings of up to 60% per event simply by switching to EventHQ through reductions in staffing costs!

Instead of paying for printed brochures or leaflets, EventHQ allows you to place your entire event information package online with no cost until you start accepting registrations. During the registration phase, EventHQ uses email notifications and generates invoices automatically for attendees to download, again saving you mailing costs.

Get paid faster

EventHQ allows you to accept credit and debit cards online as well as more traditional forms of payment such as cheques which means you get paid straight away. Unlike our competitors, we connect EventHQ to your payment processor for free so all the money goes straight to you.

EventHQ even helps you keep track of who still owes you money too, helpfully flagging up overdue payments for you to chase.

Improved data

Allowing attendees to enter their own data direct into your database reduces the number of errors compared with transcribing mailed in forms or faxes. With no limit on form length and advanced features that let you build forms which adapt to the individual attendee's choices, you can even ask more questions!

Even better, you can tell EventHQ to make certain fields mandatory or even create your own custom validation rules to ensure the data you collect is robust for downstream use.

Enhanced perception

Your attendees can access your online event registration pages at their convenience and not just during office hours. Not only can they register themselves, but they get virtually instant confirmation emails, invoices and receipts which all helps to reassure. As an important point of contact between your organisation and potential customers, members and donors, you want them to have a great experience and this is what EventHQ delivers in spades.

As an additional bonus, the EventHQ system allows your attendees to come back in at any time and make changes to their registration and/or print out their event documentation.

Create your first course or workshop

EventHQ gives you everything you need to start taking course bookings online.

Your first 25 bookings are free saving you £50!

"...the reduction in administrative overhead has been significant..."