Easy event creation You want to spend as little time as possible publishing your event - yet enjoy the maximum returns. Our event management software is fast and easy to use. It's designed to let you create new events or simply copy and tweak an existing event in minutes, reducing your workload to almost nothing.

Start with key information e.g. your event name, venue details and start/end dates

Enter key information to attract prospective attendees

Tell EventHQ what tickets to sell and at what price - you can even select 'break-dates' when prices automatically change. Sell accommodation, event merchandise and other optional extras

Enter ticket, accommodation and merchandise information

Build your booking form with point and click tools. With multiple field types and powerful validation rules, you can collect reliable, high quality data

Build a booking wizard to collect information on your delegates

Clone events

Do you manage a lot of similar and repeating events? Then you'll love the ability to clone an exist event letting you publish new events in minutes instead of hours.

Launch new events in minutes by cloning an existing event

Compelling event pages

Thanks to our built-in content management system, you can create a microsite that draws in prospects like a magnet. Create as many pages as you like and populate them with appealing 'sticky' information that holds your customer's attention - links, tables, lists, images and videos - with our What You See Is What You Get editor. And embeddable widgets mean you can even display Google maps and real-time information like ticket/workshop availability.

Social sharing - spread the word

Your attendees can share your event instantly in all the best places: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, right from the events page. So without even lifting a finger, you can harness the power of social media and reach a wider audience, leading to even more bookings. Social sharing is a valuable psychological endorsement for new customers, boosting the credibility of your event.

Leverage social media to attract potential attendees from a wider audience


What you can measure, you can improve. Your EventHQ account can be easily integrated with Google Analytics and Mixpanel to let you track attendees as they land on your events site and move through the booking form. For example, you can see the precise point when a prospect drops out of the process, so you might decide to run a new social media campaign… change the sales pitch… make your form a little simpler. The point is, you're more in control and can take corrective action.

Measure and improve your online registration process


See how bookings are performing in comparison with previous events, thanks to EventHQ's comparative reports. You can also export your event data so you can analyse them in more detail in Excel. All this makes you look good to management, empowering tactical business decisions.

Intra and cross-event reporting to help you see the bigger picture