Your attendees will be happy to book themselves in - its more convenient for them!

Let your attendees do the work

Now there's no need to decipher emails, faxes and forms: you can direct all your attendees to your event microsite to enter their own information and place their booking. It's handy for them and time-saving for you. It also means you'll have all the validated information you need for the event.

Sell anything

Offer as many tickets as you like, all with early-bird pricing and availability limits built-in. Plus, you can sell optional extras such as social events, accommodation and merchandise. Our tried and tested approach means that, no matter how many options you want to sell, it all feels simple for your customers as they make their booking.

Gather data you can rely on

Your attendees will only see questions that are relevant to them, because EventHQ's powerful booking wizard adapts the questions asked based on ticket selections made and responses already given. That makes forms look simpler and shorter. So more customers are likely to complete the whole booking process. And you get better quality data

Our clever booking wizard keeps dropouts to a minimum

Sessions management

If you need your attendees to pick a workshop from several options, you'll love how easy EventHQ makes this. They can even tick first/second/third choices to make sure your workshops are all filled to capacity.

Comprehensive event tools, including sessions and workshops management

Offer discounts > increase bookings

Our powerful discounts engine lets you to reward your best customers and motivate the rest. You can offer fixed and % discounts plus and multiple offers such as Buy 2 Get 1 Free, all with usage limits. And by tracking how your attendees respond to discounts, you can improve your event marketing.

Use discounts to reward and to motivate

Social sharing - free promotion!

When an attendee books your event, they can instantly share the news in all the best places: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. So without any extra effort, your event will be promoted to an even wider audience, leading to more potential bookings.

Use the power of social media to sell out your event

Group and multiple bookings

It's easy for attendees to create group bookings, quickly competing the booking form using data from a previous attendee. And, uniquely, they can book onto multiple events in one go - perfect if you're a training course provider with several events to sell.

Unique to EventHQ - multiple bookings across multiple events in one shopping basket