EventHQ and Mailchimp for event management heaven

Automatically add attendees to your mailing list With EventHQ you never need do the "export as CSV then import" dance again. Attendees are automatically added to your Mailchimp mailing list when they make a booking.

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Our customers have sold over £8,100,000 of tickets to date. Why not you too?

Send email newsletters

To start working with MailChimp, all you need to do is enter your MailChimp API key and select which subscribers list to add your attendees to. EventHQ will then start sending over attendee data in near real-time. Subscribers will be assigned to "interest groups" where each interest group is an event name. This allows you to send broadcast emails only to subscribers who will be attending or have attended a specific event. Each subscriber created will additionally include:

  • personal data from the booking form
  • attendee status
  • tickets selected

Using "segments" within MailChimp, you can use this additional information to contact only attendees who haven't paid or attendees who have provided a specific answer or selected a particular ticket or tickets.


MailChimp makes it easy for anybody to design eye-catching HTML email campaigns, automatically manage subscriber lists, and track results. Just point, click, and send. No coding or programming required. EventHQ sends real-time attendee data to your MailChimp subscribers list making it super-easy to keep your delegates up to date, send reminders and promote new events to previous participants.

Import existing bookings

Unlike our competitors, it's not only new event and attendee data that gets sent to MailChimp. Our integration can automatically import all your pre-existing attendee and event data to MailChimp too. Best of all, MailChimp is free if you have less than 2,000 subscribers and send less than 12,000 emails each month. There's really no excuse not to start enjoying the power of EventHQ + MailChimp for boosting your attendee numbers today.