EventHQ + Mixpanel integration

EventHQ + Mixpanel integration. Analyse on-site activities and improve booking conversion rates with EventHQ's real-time integration.

What you can measure you can improve

Use Mixpanel to track your attendees progress through each stage of your booking wizard. Identify drop-out points and test the effect of changes leading to increased conversion rates and happier attendees.

Improve conversions

Start analysing your booking pages by creating a project in Mixpanel and then enter the token provided into EventHQ, event registration analytics data will then start flowing into Mixpanel.

Each interaction a prospective attendee has with your registration booking form is individual reported to Mixpanel. You can then use the reporting tools provided by Mixpanel to show trends over time and valuably, build a "funnel" to show how many users start a booking and the drop-out rate for each stage of your registration process. You can use this information to improve conversions for your events.