5 Time Savers When Creating Events

Apps, APIs and web-based applications can be invaluable time savers when you and your event team are feeling pushed to research, organise, promote and host your training event.  Here are EventHQ’s Top 5 app & API time savers that we guarantee will free you up and your team:

Email Campaigns

Make sure you use an event management platform like EventHQ which has inbuilt apps that talk to the most popular newsletter providers, Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor. New opt-in attendees will automatically be added to your lists to receive your email campaigns as well as help identify past attendees to receive your new email newsletter.


Don’t waste time re-typing your event details within your blog posts when you can simply copy and paste its API and tag if you are hosting multiple sessions. This will allow potential attendees to click through to book the event(s). ALL good event management software like EventHQ will be able to provide this.


EventHQ has a new feature called “event params” that allows its users to add custom information about an event beyond what is hard coded by EventHQ’s programming team. This allows organisers to create their own event information fields, like “affiliate ID” and tracking code that will increase the reach and promotion of the event and bookings.

Social Media

We recommend all our clients use Hootsuite to manage multiple social media accounts from one account login and dashboard. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn updates can all be easily scheduled to be delivered at their individual audience’s optimum time, whilst you can easily keep track of conversations, uploads, tags and keywords for each respective stream with just 1 screen open with the ability to create access for team members as required.

Polls & Interaction

Don’t wait till after your event for questions, feedback and conducting polls - use a web-device like Sli.do.  Encourage instant interactivity even anonymously from your audience whether it is voting on which of the best questions should be asked or conducting feedback polls.  These can all be shared and published on intranets and online afterwards to continue learning and promotion of the event.

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