Achieving viral promotion for your event

Once the planning stage of your event is well underway, you'll need to start thinking about how you are going to spread the word and attract an audience.

There is nothing worse than planning a fantastic event only for the message not to get out and the audience that turns up failing to come even close to expectations.

You'll therefore need to put plenty of time aside so that you can build your audience over time and event management software can help you to keep track of who is likely to come.

Hopefully you will already have some sort of database full of everyone who is likely to be interested in attending your event, whether this is people who are already working in your chosen sector or those who are studying in the hope of joining a firm operating in the industry.

Spreading the word

In the 21st century we have a lot more ways to inform members of the public about our events than even just a few years ago. Paid advertising and pieces in newspapers were among the main ways to spread the message in the past, but digital technology has usurped this now.

Social media has proved to be one of the main ways event planners can reach their audience, as sites such as Facebook and Twitter are tailor-made to help you to get in touch with like-minded individuals and parties likely to be interested in what you have to say.

On Twitter, for example, searching for relevant hashtags to your event is likely to help you to find lots of individuals and organisations that may be interested in going along, especially if you can persuade them of how this would be value to them.

However, it's important to use social media carefully and steer clear of the hard sell - you want to come across friendly and personable as well as informative in order to get people to attend.

Using Lanyrd

As well as social media sites, one of the key tools for event planners who are trying to build a large following for their events is now Lanyrd.

This can be a great way for people planning any professional or hobbyist event to reach an audience and help spread the word of their exhibition virally. Having an event go viral is what all planning professionals are aiming for and Lanyrd has a proven track record of helping organisers to boost the attendance of delegates at their chosen event.

Lanyrd works by encouraging users to share the events they are attending with their friends, family and work colleagues who may also be interested in booking a ticket and going along.

Although it's still very much an imprecise science what goes viral and what does not, Lanyrd has a superb track record and as such is one of the main ways event planners are trying to boost the number of people who are registering.

It's a well known fact that people trust recommendations from people they know much more than they do from strangers, so getting attendees to suggest others who might want to go to your event can be a great way to swell the attendance of an exhibition or event.

Planning in advance

One of the main reasons you will want to know how many people are intending to come to your event is so you can prepare factors such as security, refreshment and facilities depending on the number of individuals expected to be going along.

Event management software is a key way planners are able to keep track of the myriad things they are having to juggle in the run up to the event, and having a way to link up all the relevant information into a central location will be crucial to keep track of everything.

With so many different ways to reach an audience these days, event planners will need top organisational skills to keep their finger on the pulse, using social media and tools such as Lanyrd to get relevant delegates through the doors of their event.

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