Central Hall Westminster plans to Meet the Future

Central Hall Westminster (CHW) has said it will host a roundtable event as part of a campaign to explore the value of new technologies for event planning.

The largest purpose-built conference venue in central London is launching “Meet the Future”, a series of events and social media content that will facilitate discussions and encourage planners to make the most of the opportunities offered by emerging technology.

"Forget the next ten or even 20 years, with commercial space travel just around the corner and astronauts tweeting from space, who knows where communications could take us in the next few decades?” says Maria Schuett, CHW marketing manager.

“We want to look way into the future and invite events professionals to let their imagination go wild. The industry shouldn’t be reactively driven by technology, but proactively embracing what is emerging!"

Kicking off the “Events Evolution”-themed conversations will be a roundtable devoted to one of the most significant advances in recent years for the events industry: WiFi, or as CHW describes it, “the life blood of event technology”. It will cover many of the technical aspects of such technology, including the often complex jargon.

Though the roundtable is not set to take place until February 20th next year, confirmed guests include Richard Hughes of Max WiFi, a company that specialises in WiFi technology for events. In addition, CHW’s own IT manager Kim Carrington will be on hand to advise delegates of what they need to ask when dealing with venues to ensure they have sustained internet access.

Paul Southern, CHW managing director, says that when problems occur because a venue’s WiFi has failed to live up to expectations, it is often down to a gap in communication between venue staff and event planners. By bringing the two together to discuss their expectations and needs, the event hopes to make sure planners and venues alike “speak the same language”.

Further events will be added to the programme, with a second event due in May to explore emerging event technologies that could complement existing systems such as online event registration software. According to CHW, it will aim to consider where the future of event planning is heading and what could be achieved in light of these new advances.

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