Dashboard Summary

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Within the Dashboard screen you will find various useful pieces of information such as a summary of the orders and events that you have run over the entirety of using the system.

From the dashboard as shown below at a glance you can see the number and value of orders today, this week and this month.

Alongside that you can also see the total value of all orders and the number of orders since using EventHQ. You can then also see the total number of attendees and the total events you have run.

Please note the total number of orders and attendees may differ as you can add multiple attendees to an order.

You will also note that you are able to view the number of remaining credits you have available and EventHQ will suggest when you are likely to run out of credits. By using the history on your account it will come up with a date when you are likely to run out of credits.

Should you wish to purchase some more credits you can do so by clicking on the ORDER MORE CREDITS NOW hyperlink.

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