Early Bird Booking – Marketing Tips to Boost Event Attendance

EventHQ’s 7 simple best practice tips to boost attendance and maximise the marketing of early bird registrations at your training event:

Double Check Your Research

Before going ahead with your event, test that both the dates and times you have selected work for prospective attendees and that the location is as convenient as it is attractive; also ensure it is staffed by a team you trust.

Convincing Content

Before putting any event live on your website or sharing any links on any social media confirm that:

Your lead image stands out (i.e. not an over-used or ubiquitous stock image) and is inviting or intriguing enough to attract potential attendees to read your event page.Your copy is in compelling plain English whilst optimised for the search engines.The speaker profiles are in place.The benefits of attending the event(s) are convincing enough to be read by any prospective attendee’s manager.The registration form is as simple as possible to discourage the abandonment of the registration process. If you don’t really require a home address why ask for it?! Have a look at our best practice template.

Enticing Discounts

Offer enticing discounts to encourage early registration and payments. Typical discount structures include

‘Early Bird’ offers with up to 3 separate early bird discount offers gradually increased to up to 50% off  to keep ALL prospective attendees engaged and an opportunity to save on registration.'Bundle deals' that includes a further discount for additional attendees, such as 4th person comes half-price.

Establishing Credibility with Testimonials

Post meaningful testimonials regularly on your website and across your social media platforms that bolsters your event’s credibility and reiterates the value of early bird outlay to prospective event attendees.

Seek Recommendations

Invite key bloggers to recommend your event by making a mention of them in your posts and tweets. Make sure you have a short press release about the event on your website that contains a compelling description, date, time and venue of your training event within your lead paragraph.

Prime Language and Delivery Time of Newsletters

Early bird newsletters have a greater chance of being opened if they contain the subject, ‘Register, ‘You’re Invited’ and ‘Don’t Miss’ than newsletters that include ‘Save’ or ‘Offer’.

Ensure your early bird newsletter campaign comprises of a scheduled release throughout the duration of your offer especially 14 days, 7 days, 3 days and 1 day before your early bird offer ends.

Make sure each newsletter includes links to the event’s speaker profiles, itinerary, testimonials and press, as well as a photo gallery of past events and workshops - include a ‘register now’ call-to-action button.

Social Media

Create a succinct hashtag for your training event that is used across all social media posts in addition to popular event hashtags.Encourage retweets by asking for rts.Schedule each social media post to achieve optimum visibility.Create an event facebook page and invite past attendees to attend the eventEncourage shares and rts by welcoming each new attendee across your platforms with links to their blog, company website on your event attendee page.Comment daily and like shared content on groups and include your hashtag.Create Q&As, tips and interviews with your speakers to encourage viral share.

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