Email sending changes

EventHQ sends many thousands of emails every month on your behalf to your attendees. These emails are a very important part of the booking process and it is a task I take very seriously. Since 2013 all emails have been sent via the Mandrill service. EventHQ, in common with almost all similar services uses specialist email delivery providers like Mandrill because: (i) high deliverability; (ii) additional functionality such as bounce and open tracking.

Currently all emails sent to your attendees by EventHQ via Mandrill appear to have been sent from your organisations name and an email address you specify in the account settings (e.g.

Unfortunately on the 24th Feb 2016, Mandrill announced major changes to their service which will remove our ability to send on behalf of our customers. Therefore, from April 16th 2016, all emails will be sent from the EventHQ domain ( This change has been forced upon EventHQ by email providers responding to demands to reduce spam emails by requiring all sender domains to be verified prior to emails being sent out. In the short term I need to respond to ensure your customers continue to receive their emails. In the longer term, there is a (somewhat technical) route we can take together to enable emails to be sent from your domain once again and which I will communicate once these immediate changes have taken effect.

If you're interested to know more about this decision, please contact me on and I can send you a longer discussion document laying out the background and rationale for the decision in more depth.

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