Event Attendees

The hard part is done and you have plenty of people booked on to your event. Now you have to find a way to manage and organise all those lovely people.

You can do so from with the event by going to Events > find event > Attendees

Here you will find a complete list of the attendees booked on to this event. If you wish to create a check in list you can do it from here by clicking the export button.

Event Check In

Attendee Filters

Not all attendees are created and sometimes you may wish to single them out for special treatment based on selections they made when booking. As with most screens in EventHQ you can use the filter options as highlighted below to segment your list of attendees. Once you have created that list you can export it with just that selection.

Attendee List View

You may have noticed that at the bottom of lists within EventHQ there are a couple of other options on how to display your data. In most list views you can find in the bottom left corner the cog sign as shown below which will then give you the ability to tailor the columns you see on the attendee list.

The options you are shown are determined by the data you choose to collect from the attendee on booking. Below you can see we requested information about special requirements and dietary requirements.

If we check the special requirements and dietary requirements you can see that these columns are now added to our attendee list screen making it much easier for us to identify anything we need to do to make sure our attendees get the most from their event.

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