Event Dashboard

Great stuff your event is up and running. Now you want to understand how it is performing in case you need to make some tweaks.

To find out how your event is performing simply head over to the Events tab and locate your event. If you have many events you may need to use the filter events option to drill down a bit further and make it easier to find.

Event Dashboard Overview

The event dashboard overview displays key information about your event such as how many attendees are booked on and the total revenue these orders are worth. You can also see key metrics such as when your registration will close and if the event is published. Depending on how your event is going you may also see other messages such as the system notifying you that you still have plenty of spaces remaining.

Event Dashboard Activity Feed

From the event dashboard activity feed you can see all of the key actions that have happened during your event. This captures a wealth of information about your event from the moment it is set up through to when it has closed. Each item is time and date stamped as well as the user who carried out the action giving you a full audit trail by event.

Display of activities carried out in event management software
Event Activity Feed - Event Management Software

Event Dashboard Cumulative Attendees

From the event dashboard you can also key metrics such as the cumulative number of attendee registrations since your event went live. This gives a great indication of how well your tickets are selling or not as the case may be and whether you should be putting more effort into event marketing or possibly looking at your pricing.

As you can see from the graph below you can track your event against another event you have run to see how you are tracking. Perhaps you ran the same event last year and you are ahead/behind the curve and can decide to take appropriate action.

Graph displaying your cumulative attendees in your event management software
Event Dashboard Attendees - Event Management Software

Event Dashboard Booking Status

One of the key things you will want to know about your event is the current status of your bookings. As you can see from the graph below from the event dashboard you are able to identify the range of different booking statuses you might see. On this event whilst we have 69 bookings in total 63 are reserved which means we are still waiting for payment, we have had 2 cancellations and 1 payment is overdue. The overdue payment needs chasing or you will want to release that ticket.

Graph displaying the status of event bookings in your event management software.
Event Booking Status - Event Management Software

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