Rich text editors in your event registration website, write compelling event pages more easily

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

EventHQ allows event organisers to create an event registration website to sell event tickets online. Using a rich text editor, EventHQ users can write formatted content with links and images in the same way as you might use a word processor so you can create an event registration website that mirrors your own brand. You can even insert special "widgets" like google maps to the venue and live event ticket listings that show pricing and availability. This makes it super easy for you to sell event tickets online through your event registration website or direct on your own website.

The previous version of our rich text editor couldn't render these widgets whilst editing the page and instead could only insert a grey "placeholder" box to indicate where the final widget would appear.

The previous rich text editor with grey placeholder box to indicate where a widget will be inserted on the final page​

The new version, besides sporting a slick new look, now renders widgets within the editor itself making it much easier to see how the widget will work alongside your other page content.

The new EventHQ rich text editor, showing a fully rendered Google map within the editor​ This will help write better pages for your event registration website which will lead to improved event ticket sales and attendee numbers.

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