EventHQ Apps is here, sets your booking data free

EventHQ Apps is now available

EventHQ Apps lets you extend EventHQ with new functionality that lets you do more with your booking data.

Starting from now, when you log into EventHQ, you will find a new menu item at the bottom of the "global settings" menu called EventHQ Apps.

Available apps

There are 3 apps available immediately, these are:

Campaign Monitor (create and send newsletters);Google Analytics (analytics)Mixpanel (analytics)

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor makes it easy to create and send beautiful newsletters and view reports on opens/click-throughs.

The EventHQ integration sends your attendee data in real time to Campaign Monitor including attendee event, ticket and status as well as custom field data. This allows you to send newsletters to segments of your data. Example segments might include:

Attendees to a specific eventAttendees to all events who have not yet paidAttendees with a specific ticket (e.g. speakers)Attendees who have given a specific answer to a booking form question

What about my existing attendee data?

When you activate the Campaign Monitor app, there is a checkbox called "run post-install hook". If

you tick that box then all your existing data will be imported into Campaign Monitor.

How much does it cost?

The App is free and Campaign Monitor is free to start using, you only pay when you send an email campaign. Their pricing is given here.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best known analytics platform. With it you can now track visitors from your own website (if you already use Google Analytics) into EventHQ and track them through to completed bookings.

This allows you to track which marketing routes lead to the most completed bookings and guides you on where to focus your marketing efforts to get the best returns.

How much does it cost?

Both the app and Google Analytics are free.


Mixpanel is a real-time analytics system which allows you to quickly visualise visitors as they progress through the booking system.

The EventHQ integration sends "event" data to Mixpanel (e.g. registration button clicked, booking form submitted) which lets you build a visual "funnel" showing how many people who arrive at your booking system go on to complete bookings.

This helps you identify and remove blocks to your customers completing bookings.

Additionally, if you use Mixpanel on your own website, you can track visitors from when they first arrive through to a completed booking, enabling you to focus your marketing efforts to get the best returns.

How much does it cost?

The app is free. Mixpanel is free for light usage with pricing for heavier usage. Their pricing is given here, but I would expect that all but the very largest EventHQ users would find the free tier sufficient.

Other apps coming soon

Other integrations with leading services like Constant Contact, Mailchimp and WorkbooksCRM are in the pipeline. In addition we can integrate EventHQ with custom software so you can automatically sync your in-house systems with attendee registration data in real time. If you find yourself transferring data from your current registration system into other software, you should get in touch to see how EventHQ Apps can save you money.

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