EventHQ updated with emphasis on mobile compatibility

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Over 1 in 3 website visitors during 2013 were using a phone or a tablet. During 2014, that figure is forecast to rise to 1 in 2 visits. Up until now, whilst EventHQ was usable on devices with small screen sizes like smartphones, it was less easy to use than it should be.

EventHQ has now been updated to sport a snazzy new "responsive" design which means that the page automatically adapts to the screen size a visitor is using, to ensure that your event booking forms are always easy to use. This should minimise the number of potential attendees abandoning their bookings which means more people at your conference/workshop/charity fun event.

As an example, here are screenshots of the same booking form (our conference demo form) running on a desktop and on a mobile device. Why not try it out to see the differences for yourself?

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