Get your conference entertainment right

Entertainment is a must at many corporate events - especially those lasting overnight. Some organisers choose to intersperse the more serious talks and seminars of the day with bursts of entertainment, while others use it to make sure attendees enjoy themselves in the evening.

Getting conference entertainment right is essential - not only does it mean your event will be one to remember, but it will also encourage companies to continue sending delegates to your conferences.

Choose the right talent

There are a number of different avenues you could go down, depending on the type of corporate event you are running, who is attending it and your budget. If you're using an effective event registration system, you may even have enough information on your delegates to be able to pitch to their tastes.

Comedians are a favourite with many event organisers, as they can provide intelligent but funny discourse that lightens the atmosphere of a room, without being too informal.

Some corporate events will also host a singer or band - while this might sound like a bit much, if you get it right, a great evening can be had by all.

However, getting the wrong entertainment to suit your attendees can leave people cold. This is why it is essential that you personally scout the talent for your corporate event. This doesn’t necessarily mean going to a show or a gig - YouTube offers a world of opportunities when it comes to talent scouting.

Once you’ve chosen who you want to perform at your conference, make sure they don’t come with any special requirements - such as extra lighting, for example - that would mean they are difficult to accommodate.

You’ve got your entertainment spot on - now where to use it?

Depending on the type of talent you’ve chosen, you can use your entertainment in a number of different places during a corporate event.

For example, a public speaker or comedian would be great at opening and closing the event, introducing various speakers and generally hosting the event.

Alternatively, there can be a featured performance in the programme of the event. This would usually come just after dinner, when your delegates are relaxed and ready to enjoy their evening.

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