Integration with Workbooks CRM

Workbooks is a widely used customer relationship management database which can go beyond traditional CRM to include other business applications like sales order processing and contract management. However Workbooks doesn't do online event registration and attendee management.

EventHQ now offers an integration between our powerful online event registration software and Workbooks. This integration is tailored to your precise needs by our developers but broadly will:

Create events in EventHQ as new Campaigns in Workbooks ;

Every time a new attendee is completed in EventHQ:

If the attendee exists as a Person in Workbooks then associate them with the

Campaign (event) and update their personal data with any new information collected on the booking form;

If the attendee does not exist yet in Workbooks, then create them as a Person and associate them with the Campaign (event). Additionally attempt to link the Person to an Organisation

Together, EventHQ and Workbooks help organisations increase revenue, streamline businesses processes and reduce costs.

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