June 2014 Product updates

Enable attendees to select more than one primary ticket/pass

Up until now, each Attendee could only have one primary ticket and as many optional extras as they wished. Mostly this works well, but increasingly users want to allow attendees to select more than one primary ticket. Examples include:

A 3 day conference where the event organiser wants to sell one day tickets as well as a full conference pass;

Family events where the event organiser is selling child and adult passes.

This is now possible. When creating or editing your event, simply tick the box marked "Allow attendees to select multiple primary tickets". If you leave this box unticked then your attendees will continue to only be able to select one primary ticket/pass.

Once ticked, the ticket selection pane on the booking wizard will look like this:

Turn off individual automatic emails

Until now, EventHQ sent automatic notifications to attendees which could be edited but nothing more. Some customers have told us that there are notification emails they don't want to send out.

Simply edit the email template you want to turn off and ensure the "Enabled" checkbox is

unticked. EventHQ will then ignore that particular automatic email.

EventHQ version 7 - due Summer 2014

We've been hard at work on version 7 of EventHQ for quite some time now and are looking forwards to getting it into your hands. Version 7 is an evolution rather than a revolution with the largest change being in how you can use EventHQ rather than what it can do.


New ability to add extra fees for specific payment methods (e.g. online payments);New "mobile

friendly" user interface which will make version 7 much easier to use on smaller screen sizes;

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