New feature: write off unpaid debts within EventHQ

The vast majority of attendees do pay their event fees - but unfortunately, not all. EventHQ operates like a double-entry accounting system, there is a debt (the purchase of a ticket) and a payment against that debt. When an attendee doesn't pay then their record has, until now, remained marked as reserved with a balance due which is not ideal for reporting purposes.

A new feature has been added which allows authorized users to write off a balance owed on a booking. Writing off a booking creates a "written off" transaction and marks the booking as completed. The transaction then appears in the transactions list for reporting purposes so you can keep an eye on how much is being written off. This is one feature EventHQ hope's our customers will never actually need to use, yet has been requested multiple times so must be required.

To write off a booking, simply go to the manage order menu and select "write off balance due".

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