November 2014 online booking system updates

3D-Secure for SagePay

3D-Secure has been added for SagePay users. 3D-Secure introduces an extra verification step for online payments, reducing fraud.

To activate 3D-Secure, you can either mark it as required in your SagePay admin account or from within your EventHQ account. There are no charges for using 3D-Secure, but please be aware that the extra step may confuse some people and lead to more people abandoning transactions prior to completion.

New email template

new "attendee reserved" email template is available for attendees whose place is reserved pending payment. Attendees who have chosen to pay offline (e.g. by cheque or BACs) have, until now, received only a "payment due" email with an invoice - assuming they are also the payer. If they are not the payer then they receive nothing until payment has been made.

We've added a new automatic email to EventHQ "Attendee reserved" which is sent to all attendees where payment is due but not yet made. Tickets are not attached to this email. You can edit this template and create event specific versions. This email template is disabled by default. Here's how to activate the template.

Mobile friendly Google Maps

You can embed custom google maps onto your public event pages. However these maps are fixed width which has caused problems when displaying on devices with small screen sizes such as smartphones.

Google maps embedded on your public pages now adapt to the screen size being used to view them.

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