Online and social media ticketing grow

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Online and mobile ticketing are growing in importance for attendees, according recent research.

The study found that for more than eight out of ten respondents who attended events, online ticketing was their top choice - which the company says illustrates just how important technology has become for modern event participants.

However, there is a clear appetite for a increased use of social media to incorporate ticket purchases into attendees’ everyday routines: more than 60 per cent of respondents in the so-called “millennial” age group would be eager to buy their tickets through social media.

Ticketscript says its own sales data bears out this growing demand, showing a 520 per cent rise in booking via social media over the past two years. As the business landscape changes and the new generation rise through the ranks of organisations, it is likely these preferences will become far more widespread for seminars, conferences and workshops.

In addition, it seems that event organisers themselves are among the preferred choices for buying tickets: more than a third of respondents said they would rather purchase directly from the organiser, while a similar proportion preferred buying from the venue itself.

For event planners, it seems that posting links online to a customised and branded event registration system is the most effective way to reach and engage this increasingly important group of delegates. Indeed, third party bookings sites with no link to either the venue or the organiser are a distinct turn-off: nearly a third of respondents said they lost trust when they were referred to a third party, while 41 per cent said they even felt frustrated.

“As the trend shifts to online and consumers become savvier, event promoters need to start gaining insights about their ticket buyers and providing a service which generates a positive customer experience,” says Frans Jonker, chief executive officer at Ticketscript.

“This research proves that event promoters need to innovate and embrace new ways of purchasing. Over 699 million people log into Facebook every day, so it’s important we invest in social now to avoid being on the back foot.”

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