Payment Methods

There is no one size fits all when it comes to accepting payments for your events which is why we give you the ability to use multiple payment methods for your events.

Enable payment methods to accept payment via the following:

1. credit and debit cards

2. PayPal


4. cheque or cash

5. raise an invoice

You can only have one payment gateway provider connected at any point alongside PayPal but you can set up multiple manual payment methods should you need.

Credit and Debit Card Payment Gateways Supported:

1. Stripe

2. SagePay

3. Worldpay

4. NoChex

5. WPM

6. BarclayCard ePDQ

Through EventHQ you can also choose to charge a booking or admin fee. Since the 13th January 2018 you cannot only apply these fees to credit and debit card. They must be applied to all payment methods. This can be either a fixed amount or as a % of the transaction value or even a mixture of both. Surcharges can still be levied if people opt to pay by cash or cheque.

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