One of the great things about EventHQ is we give you maximum flexibility about how you wish to run you event such as how attendees can pay. That is wonderful but creates its own problems for the event organiser in terms of keeping track of who has paid. This can be a full time job in itself so we have tried to help you as much as possible here.

In an ideal world we would always recommend you collect money at the time of order but this may not suit your needs which is why you can allow attendees to pay cash on the door, credit card on booking or request to pay by invoice.

In EventHQ head over to the Payments tab where you will find a list of all of the orders that have been placed for your events and the payment status.

Here you have the ability to filter the orders by a range of different options as shown below. These options are here to help the event organiser and your finance function keep track of the money. Lets face it there is no point running an amazing event and not being able to repeat it next year because you have run out of money.

Once you have filtered your list you can export it and email it to the finance department for them to reconcile the payments against those received in the bank account. Alternatively they could use the list of orders due for payment to chase by phone. Don't forget if you allow attendees to pay by invoice EventHQ can even send out email reminders on your behalf when the invoice becomes due.

Below is an example of a list showing the orders paid by cheque so the finance department can tie up the cheque deposit slip against the individual orders it was paying.

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