Remind people about your corporate event without putting them off

Finding the balance between helpfully reminding people about your corporate event and annoying them with constant messages can be somewhat tricky.

Frequent emails or reminders could actually have the opposite effect to the one you're aiming for and put people off attending. Meanwhile, being too quiet may mean they simply forget.

So, how can you get your reminders right?

It’s all about timing

Don’t sent constant reminders - two or three are definitely enough for most people, who will be able to schedule your conference in their calendar and set their own reminders. After they have signed up through your event registration system, delegates should receive the information they need, such as directions to the location, dress code and programme. At this point, most people will book the appropriate travel tickets and set the date in their diaries.

After that, a reminder one week ahead of the event, and the day before should be enough to ensure people delegates manage to get themselves there. The one week reminder is gentle nudge for anyone who has left their arrangements until the last minute, while the alert the day before will reassure people that the event is definitely going ahead.

Make your reminders informative

One way to ensure your attendees don’t feel annoyed by reminders is by making them valuable to the recipients. Include new information about the event in each reminder - in one you could go into depth about the various speakers at the event, talk about the entertainment that is being put on or include links to useful thought-leadership pieces in the industry.

Put all the details on your website

You don’t always have to put all the information in front of your attendees. Make sure all the information is easily discoverable on a well-laid out website, and those seeking details will be able to find them. In the communications you do have, ensure you always include the website URL, and you should have no problems.

Utilise social media

Email reminders can be supported with tweets and posts on LinkedIn. These will not be considered as annoying as direct mail communications and can act as a gentle reminder which is accessible by those who need it. They will also help spread the word about the conference, and could mean more people sign up.

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