Successfully Planning a Training Event

No one likes being caught out when managing a training event and to help SMEs and not-for-profits organise a successful event we are sharing our most useful event management skill, assessment. Not only does pre-emptive assessment allow you to identify (and ideally counter) potential issues, it will also help you evaluate your event’s final success and human & economic investment.

Be Effective Through Understanding

By assessing your event you will identify potential promotional opportunities that you may have missed as well as rectifying any problems in advance. You will gain a more thorough understanding of the different phases of your event that you perhaps had skimmed over but require if you are to manage the event effectively.

Consider Satisfaction, Quality and Impact

The demographics and planned size of your group

Investment in time - what can be done online, how many times will trainees need to attend on-site?

Consider Significance, Success and Sustainability

Does your cost benefit analysis consider the source and quality of information and the achieved return against event fee?

Can sponsors be introduced to help reduce the cost for participants?

Is there perceived community and media value and can this presence be built upon?

Consider Organisation, HR and Cash flow

Are you adequately investing in those that will carry the event and your name? Free quality refreshments reach the parts and build a reputation that words alone cannot!

Are you actively engaged with personnel to measure their perception and the impact of the training event?

Have you fully evaluated the event’s feasibility and your long term trading on a worst case scenario cash flow?

Our last piece of advice when considering your assessment do so ethnographically not just from the bottom line!

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