The benefits of using QR codes before and at your event

You're looking for easy and simple ways to drive interactions between consumers and your brand, don't overlook QR codes as a useful resource in event marketing. The technology uses supercharged barcodes that can be scanned by devices like mobile phones to direct audiences to online destinations.

The innovative barcodes present an easy means of directing consumers to your website, so including them as part of pre-event and in-event planning can reap rewards. Make sure your QR codes are effective and featured strategically by following the tips below.

Mobile-friendly to build reputation

The QR codes you use can direct consumers to websites via their mobile phones, so the first and potentially most important step towards achieving a positive experience is to ensure the website is mobile-friendly and easy to use.

If the QR code takes visitors to a website that looks unprofessional, is hard to navigate or that looks unappealing for mobile viewing, chances are they will swiftly close the page and any opportunities for engagement will be missed. On the other hand, if the website looks good and is simple to navigate, users may find the experience much more enjoyable, which can help build your brand's reputation and ensure users spend longer navigating your site.

Useful for easier planning

While QR codes can take visitors directly to a company or a brand's website, they can also be used for other means, some of which are especially useful. Before the event, use QR codes to measure how many people will be attending your event by linking the code to an online conference registration system, for example.

This will make it easy for delegates to confirm their attendance and outline any special requirements, while the system will be able to email them reminders nearer the date of the event.

Creative to generate interest

There are all sorts of creative ways to use QR codes as opposed to simply directing event delegates to your website. If your organisation has made a video or recorded some audio, you can link your QR code to a hosting website like YouTube, where participants can view or hear the video or audio simply by scanning your code on their mobile phone.

You should ensure your organisation's bio or some other information is displayed alongside details of your event as a visual aspect, while linking to your social media platforms can also help to sustain interest. Other applications include using software to display screenshots, link to any native apps you have or take visitors to a contest for free prizes.

Prolific for the widest reach

At your event, you should position your QR in as many places as possible, from posters to press kits. Each time your code is featured somewhere is a potential opportunity, so don't be afraid to print it on stickers or promotional items you're giving away at the event.

The best places to position the QR can be the most unusual, so think outside the box both before and during your event. The codes have been printed on items of food, clothing, on cushions, on cakes and even on skin in the form of temporary tattoos at past events.

Paper-free for tangible sustainability

Using QR codes is a much more sustainable means of marketing than printing materials for your events, and this is a point you should stress to your event delegates - especially if they're environmentally-friendly.

Because the information is digital, there's no wastage in terms of paper being thrown away or left to litter the streets. The information is also easily accessible, as opposed to brochures or books that can be cumbersome to carry around.

Sales-focused to convert leads

Another benefit of using QR codes is that you can direct your event delegates to your e-store, where they can browse products and potentially make purchases. If you've set up stands of your goods, apply QR codes to them so that participants can scan them and purchase their own online.

Use a range of codes so that delegates at your event can be taken to different sections of your website, depending on which area of the event venue or part of the programme they're at. If you've split the venue into sections, make sure you feature relevant QR codes in each area, while if you're giving a presentation, you could use codes as part of your slideshow to direct to delegates to books or papers for further reading.

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