Using Webhooks in Event Management Software

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

We are getting quite technical now so bare with us as using webhooks to manage not just your events but your personal and work life could change your life forever. They that are that powerful.

What is a webhook

Think of a webhook as a listening device for the internet. A kind of hearing aid for apps to listen to instructions from one another. Attached with that instruction is data that can be passed from one app to another meaning you can data passed from one system to another instantly.

You register a URL with the company providing the service to use a webhook. That URL then accepts data and does something with it. What data is collected and how it can be used depends on the two apps talking to each other.

EventHQ has several webhooks available under settings > notifications > create new webhook.

webhooks available in event management software
Webhooks for event management software

As you can see from the above there are a vast range of webhooks available in EventHQ which will help you automate various aspects of running your event.

Examples of automating your event could include:

  • When an attendee is created adding their data to another system such as your CRM

  • Adding a paid order to your accounting software such as Xero hands free

  • If an attendee is transferred updating you event organiser with an up to date list of attendees

  • Adding an attendee into a bulk email solution such as Mailchimp

Why should I use a webhook

Using webhooks enables you to pass data/information from one of your apps to another automatically. All those jobs you do passing data from one system to another can be handled automatically by software freeing you up to work on much more important and rewarding tasks.

Best of all it will complete those tasks time and time again without error, complaint or sickness. It lives to complete mundane repetitive tasks for you.

How do I use webhooks in EventHQ

In order to use webhooks in EventHQ you need to have admin access rights. From the settings section you can then navigate to the notifications section and then click on create new webhook.

This will display the options shown above and then you can choose one of the options available. Each one of these webhooks will provide you with different data from EventHQ to pass to your other application. You can have multiple webhooks selected for different purposes and for pushing data to different systems.

As this is one of our more advanced features we have put together a video series in our tutorials section to really show you the power of webhooks within your event management software.

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