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One of the best things about EventHQ is the flexibility and customisation options available when configuring your event management software. Your event your way.

Each account comes with its own microsite for hosting a list of events. An example of our demo site is shown below.

How much time you put into your event microsite is completely up to you and should be driven by how or if you are going to use the event microsite. Websites have become much more user friendly and flexible so you may have access to your own website CMS where you wish to load your events and simply link back to the relevant event booking page in which case you may not wish to spend lots of time customising your event microsite or replicating data.

On the other hand if you do not have easy access to your website CMS or you simply want to be able to manage your events without involving the IT department then you may wish to customise your events website to match your existing brand.

As an example you could add an events page link to your main website and have that link direct to your EventHQ events website. You will want the experience to be familiar to the attendee so they do not notice they have been diverted to another site.

You could also use iFrames to embed your event booking page direct into your website alongside the relevant event on your website. This way your attendees are never diverted from your site and have a seamless experience whilst you still get to benefit from the powerful event booking system that EventHQ has to offer.

Edit Event Website Branding

To change the look and feel of your event website login to EventHQ > Settings > Website Branding.

Some elements of your event website will be driven by other selections you make within the system such as the payment logos that appear. These are driven by your payment methods selected in the settings. Whether you see a filter for events as per our demo example above is driven by whether you use tags when creating events.

Manage Logo

You can add your logo to the event website branding and by default this will then also appear on each event booking site. You can override this at event level if you wish to display a logo specific to that event.

Colours Editor

Next to the manage logo option you will find the option to amend the colours used throughout your event website. This is where you can mirror the branding of your organisation or event so your attendees don't notice the difference if they navigate across to your event website from your main website.

Using the options under each section you can change the hex to match your brand. If you are unsure of your brand colours there are many Chrome extensions where you can use a colour picker on your website to work this out.

As you amend your colours you can see this changing in the panel at the top so you can start to gauge what the live event website will look like.

Custom Stylesheet

If you really want to go hell for leather with your event website transformation then you can upload your own CSS stylesheets which will allow you to control all elements of your event website. This way you can mirror your main website as much as possible.

Homepage Text

If you wish to have an introduction at the top of your events page such as the below this can be entered under the Homepage Text section. This is fully customisable using the editor. As you can see below you can add images, video or text.


As we have mentioned before it is hugely important to us that you create your event your way so as well as being able to upload your own CSS styslesheets you can also add your own Javascript into the event website.

This means you can control parts of the page that would not normally be configurable.

Once you have made your changes to your event microsite don't forget to hit the big green update branding button. Don't forget you may not see some of these changes straight if you don't have any events listed. So get cracking we love seeing what people come up with.

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