Why use event registration software?

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Whether you’re planning your first corporate or a seasoned conference and workshop veteran, organising a great event takes time and resources. Especially when businesses are really feeling the squeeze, the costs and planning time can sometimes be difficult to justify, particularly if your company is comparatively small.

Event registration software can play a significant role in boosting efficiency so events remain a viable option. But for event planners, the most important advantage is that the right system can take all the stress and hassle out of the registration process, leaving you with more time on your hands to get on with other tasks. Here are some of the biggest benefits of using an online event registration system.

Minimise the workload

Online event registration systems allow you to put together a single form which every attendee has to complete before that data is automatically captured and stored. Since you’re probably going to need that information in a digital format when you make arrangements anyway, this automatically cuts out the arduous process of copying information from paper forms and emails and transferring it elsewhere.

If you use a registration tool that can integrate with the other systems you’re using to manage your event, you’ll even cut out the time you would otherwise need to copy that data to different locations. This then allows you to automate other processes such as sending out confirmation notices and marketing materials, potentially saving your hours.

Cut costs

Because a delegate registration system is so much more time-efficient than manual registration processes, it allows event planners to be more productive and inevitably lowers operating costs. Effective software may appear to be just another expense at first glance, but investing slightly more in a system with much greater functionality that works alongside other event management tools will be more cost-effective in the long run - the more your system does, the less you have to do, freeing up valuable resources that can be used elsewhere.

Reporting solutions

In the first instance you need to know who will be attending, what type of ticket they have booked and if they have any additional needs you should meet. There will be plenty of other information you require as time goes on, whether to follow up on the event as part of your long-term marketing strategy, to collect feedback or for analysis.

Event registration software allows you to ask a set of standardised questions that will provide more uniform answers, making it much easier to assess responses. Equally, you will know you have comprehensive and accurate data to work with - and because it has only been stored in one place, you know nothing has gone missing along the way. Even so, before you invest look at the security of the software to ensure all data is protected.

Simpler for delegates

Participants have no desire to spend more time than absolutely necessary registering for your event. The trick is to make the process quick and simple. A link in an email or on a website can lead to a registration tool, where delegates input some personal details and pay for the event in as little as five minutes - depending on the questions you ask, of course.

If the registration process can be completed virtually on the spot, attendees are more likely to register there and then. This is far better than allowing them to wait until they have time to do so, which will mean they are more likely to forget.


The importance of social media in promoting events cannot be overstated. It’s the technological equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising, and as such it can be a powerful tool. Adding “share buttons” to the screen once the registration process is complete is an easy way of getting attendees to do your marketing for you. It will draw attention to your event and provide the perfect point of departure for you to begin conversations that fosters strong working relationships.

Boosting attendance

In the end, the payoff from having a simple, quick and shareable registration tool is that delegates will spread the word to other interested parties. Even if just a small percentage of their networks do the same, the multiplier effect can be substantial and you might be surprised just how many delegates register in the end. From there, you can convert attendance into effective relationships that may leave them more likely to attend future events. Conferences, workshops and seminars are nothing without strong attendance, and having the right software in place can help you achieve just that.

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