Keeping in touch

With EventHQ you can communicate very easily with all your attendees, at every step of their booking and up until the event.  After all, informed attendees are happy attendees.

Send automatic personalised emails

If there's a major change in a booking, it's easy for you to update all your attendees with our event management software with automatic personalised emails. These HTML emails can be personalised beyond each name to include your own text, links to documents and images such as a sponsor's logo. It keeps everything looking and feeling completely professional.


Send individual emails

You can also send emails to individual attendees within EventHQ - and each one of these will be recorded in the attendee's audit trail, for you to refer to in the future. So you don't need to keep tabs on changes and communications, making life much easier for you and your colleagues.

Send bulk emails

Send bulk emails via dedicated email software like Campaign Monitor or MailChimp to attendees for a specific event or to all attendees. Simply install the relevant app from the App Store.


One click records

How many times have you had an attendee phone up saying they haven't received their confirmation email? Don't waste time finding or rewriting it, just resend the email from within EventHQ. Part of our "one click and it's done" approach!


Bounce Detection

Never worry again about whether an attendee is receiving your emails or not. EventHQ will track if an email bounces and will alert you to any that occur, so you can proactively fix the problem before the attendee even knows there is one.


Create your first course or workshop

EventHQ gives you everything you need to start taking course bookings online.

Your first 25 bookings are free saving you £50!

"...the reduction in administrative overhead has been significant..."