Get paid faster

Take payments securely online - faster and easier than chasing non-payers

Accept payments online

There's no waiting to get paid with our super-efficient online payments system. What's more, our payment form has bank grade security, enabling attendees to pay with their credit or debit card as quickly and smoothly as they'd expect. All payments flow immediately to you, ensuring optimum cash flow. And if you need to give a refund, you can arrange it with one click.

Use your own payment gateway

Receive payments instantly

You need to provide your own payment gateway as EventHQ does not offer built-in payment processing. The good news is this means you receive your payments straight away with no delays or non-payment risks.


Leading UK gateways

We already support all the leading UK payment gateways, and more are being added all the time. If you don't have your own gateway and want some advice, please just give us a call and we'll be happy to offer free advice on the many payment gateways our there.


Offline payments support

Not everybody wants to pay online so EventHQ can support offline payment methods like BACS and cheques as well. You can set payment terms, send payment reminders automatically and un-reserve overdue bookings.


Automatic invoices and receipts

No more boring, time-consuming invoicing. With EventHQ, your invoices and receipts are automatically produced and emailed instantly, saving you time and hassle. Invoices can carry your own branding and feature sequential numbering and dates. They'll also include your own payment method text such as bank account or cheque details. It all looks impressively professional to your customers.


All payment and transaction information is protected by the same level of security as used by all the banks: a 256-bit SSL certificate.


Convert abandoned sales

Sometimes, people abandon their booking before reaching the payment stage. EventHQ automatically follows up on these lost sales by sending reminders to these prospects, encouraging them to complete their booking. This feature earns you extra revenue without you even being involved.

Auto payment reminders

Stay on top of your cashflow by simply telling EventHQ how long you give people to pay their invoices. Non-payers automatically receive an email when their payment period expires, prompting payment and making life easier for you.

Create your first course or workshop

EventHQ gives you everything you need to start taking course bookings online.

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